Full name: Benazir Bhutto

Parent's Name: Zulfikar Ali and Nusrat Bhutto

Year of Birth: 21 June 1953

where born:
in Karachi

Location: Pakistan

Death date:
27 December 2007

Profession: politician

What She IS Famous for:
She was the first and the only
female prime minister that lead Pakistan (she was selected twice to be prime minister!) and the first female leader in the whole Muslim world.

Questions for an Interview:

1. Do you think your childhood influenced the way you lead your party?
2. Where did you find the courage to create such a change?
3. Was the drive to revenge your father's death part of what motivated you to succeed?
4. The change you did is part of a Feminist revolution. How did your husband and other men around you react? ( considering the Muslim world you live in)
5. What did you want to do when you were small? Did you think you would be the first woman to lead Pakistan, and the first female leader in the whole Muslim world?
6. What responses do you have to the claims that your government is corrupt?
7. Are you pleased that your son is following in your footsteps or would you prefer him to choose another field?
8. Why were you educated in the U.S.A. and not in Pakistan?
9. Are you afraid of any opposition?
10. What is your message to other women who want to rule a country, especially in an unfriendly environment?
11. What can you tell us about you mother (how she educated you and how she lead the party once your father was murdered?)


1. Of course that the wrong doings that they did to my father caused me to wish to lead, and to make a change. And of course that the powerful lead of my parents influenced me.
2. The strong wish to change gave me courage. I felt the flowing love for my country and from the love to my people who deserve a better leadership, without corruption, that should lead us to a better future- to modern times.
3. Mostly, what leads me was the wish to do good to my country, my people, and to the party. Of course there is a part of me that has a strong wish to commemorate my father, but not as revenge.
4. My husband was educated in U.S.A in equal, fair and free education supports me, of course. But it is only natural that there will always be objection. (like: insulting remarks, etc.) If I get chosen I will try to change the educational system throughout the country.
5. My dream was to become a kindergarten teacher or librarian as every young girl wants. After my father's murder the full responsibility of leading the country fell on my mother's shoulders and it was only natural that I should relieve her from this burden.
6. These claims are untrue. They are spread by my political opposition in order to avoid having a woman ruler. We will examine each of the claims and if corruption is found we will clean it out immediately. Since this is a common party, based on the public, it is hard for me to imagine we have corruption.
7. I'm pleased that he follows his own interests, and hope he succeeds.
8. The Pakistan educational system is lacking, poor and no general knowledge is taught, so my parents chose to send me to be educated in the United States. When I win the elections we hope to raise the educational system to the world standards.
9. No, I'm not fearful for my life, but for my fellow Pakistanis who I serve and they are on the top of my considerations.
10. One must follow their dream, and not to quit no matter what the hardships are.
11. My mother is the person I idealize, she was a strong independent woman who led the party intelligently after my father's murder. Yet she had a good woman's intuition and wasn't afraid to follow her desires. I'm sure my father is proud of the way she chose to continue.


Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, my dear fellow citizens,

From the beginning, the Pakistan nation was and still is a very varied and active nation, with a developed culture and has a talented population. However, Pakistan has always suffered from religious and political wars. We were under foreign rule for many years until we fought for our independence. Unfortunately, once we got rid of our external enemies, we've turned on each other, becoming each other's enemy.

Aren't you tired of this? Don't you want a better future? Aren't you disillusioned from the governmental corruption? Do you dream of a modern country? Do you hope for a better future for your children's education and culture?

This is what I offer, my dear citizens. I know and feel that we can do it with our own hands.

We have the power.

With your help, we can change this corrupt system. We can build a democratic government which is based on truth and honesty that will lead the nation and be run by it as well.

With your help, we can change government offices and government policy so that they offer services to the people and help them with their needs.

With your help we can develop a democratic, modern country. We can develop infrastructure (electricity and water), the health system and modern public facilities such as schools, hospitals, libraries and job training that will fit the modern needs. This can march us from the middle ages to the forefront of the twenty first century.

With your help and commitment we can raise the educational standards and open universities. Schools will be standardized and equal and free education will be offered, separately, for women as well as men.

We have the power. I believe in you. You must believe in it too.


Benazir Bhutto was born on June 21st , 1953, in Karachi, Pakistan. Her Parents are Zulfikar Ali and Nusrat Bhutto. She became famous because she was the first and the only female prime minister that lead Pakistan. She was even selected twice to be prime minister. She was the first female leader in the whole Muslim world. However, she was assassinated on December 27th , 2007 by someone who wasn't so pleased.

Originally, she had planned on being a kindergarten teacher or a librarian as every young girl dreams, but after her father's murder her dreams was cut off. This caused her mother to take the leadership responsibility and she always knew that she is expected to lead the party in due time. Her childhood was influenced from that-all of her ideas, education and values
jelled after her father's murder.

She was educated in United States (because the Pakistan educational system is lacking, poor and no general knowledge is taught). When she's asked about her mother, she responds in a loving smile, and says: "My mother is the person I idealize; she was a strong independent woman who led the party intelligently after my father's murder. Yet she had a good woman's intuition and wasn't afraid to follow her desires. I'm sure my father is proud of the way she chose to continue".
Some people claim that she is motivated to revenge her father's death, rather than her own desire to succeed. However, she feels that the strong wish to change gave her the courage and the flowing love for her country who deserve a better leadership without corruption. This she feels is the true motive for her desire to lead.

Did she come as a feminist? She came as an equal leader. In a world of equality, this shouldn't be an issue but in her culture it was. Her husband, who was educated in the U.S.A., supported her, and yes, she was aware that there were many who objected to her because she was a woman. It may have even cost her, her life.

The strong wish to change gave her courage. You can feel from her flowing love for her country and love to her people, who deserve a better leadership, without corruption- as she says.

She is a message by her self to other women who want to be leaders and she has a message too :" One must follow your dreams, and never quit no matter what the hardships are."


The teacher chose to write about Women of Valor. We chose to write about Benazir Bhutto because s/he was the first women to lead Pakistan government and the first women leader in the Moslem world.

Even though she knew the difficulties she was not afraid to try. She paid a heavy price for her ideas and has left us a dream to fulfill,.
I followed the shocking announcement when she was killed and wondered why the Pakistani government denied the allocations that she was murdered. So I wanted to learn more about her


We learned from working on the project writing skills
1. Here you must explain what you have learned about the subject (in short).
We learned about a strong and independent woman. She is very opinionated, with dreams and ideologies who went totally out to make them come true. We've learned to respect her consistency, determination and following her goals even when swimming upstream.

£ searching skills
£ summarizing skills
ý writing skills
£ vocabulary level
£ English language skills

2. What was difficult for you in the paper? We had a hard time translating our ideas into higher English register. In addition, we found it hard to keep the grammar correct.

3. a. Did you have enough time for the paper? Yes

4. b. Did you get enough help and support from your teacher? yes, she really helped us- thank you!
c. Did you understand the instructions? yes
d. Were the assignments clear and fair? yes
6. Choose one of the following:
We enjoyed working on this project because it gave us the general knowledge that we wouldn't have ever heard about.


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