Henrietta Szold


Morit bezalel Nitzan moalem
Neve Chana 2009
Teacher: Tamar Brok


Henrietta Szold was born in December 21, 1860 to Rabbi Benjamin and Sophie Szold in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Henrietta was a teacher in a lot of school' and she established the first American night school to provide English language instruction and vocational skills to Russian Jewish immigrants in Baltimore.
Henrietta was a social worker and writer. She translated Heinrich Graetz's monumental multivolume "History of the Jews" from German into English.
In 1903, Henrietta Szold moved to New York, where she enrolled at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
In 1909, she visited Palestine. After her visit Henrietta established "Hadassah" because she was shocked from the condition at the kibbutzim and the Moshavot in Israel.
In 1934, Henrietta Szold became director of the new Youth Aliyah agency, which rescued thousands of Jewish children and youngsters from Nazi Germany and other European countries. It was her most memorable project.
Henrietta pasted away in Jerusalem of pneumonia, at the Hadassahh Medical Center.

When Szold became to Israel at the first time, with here mother, They
Shocked from the lower terms and the poverty. This visit make sold to boiled "Hadassah", in 1912. This organization was designed to help the "Zionist organization" in Israel.
The flagship of 'Hadassah" was establishment tow hospitals in Jerusalem:

  1. " Hadassah Ain Carem"- was build in 1931.
  2. "Hadassah Har Hatzofim"- was build in May 1939.

Youth Aliyah:
Youth Aliyah is a Jewish organization that rescued some 22,000 Jewish children from Nazi Europe, They arranged for their resettlement in Palestine in kibbutzim and youth villages that became both home and school.
In 1933 Henrietta immigrated to Palestine and helped run the organization.

ID card


Full name: Henrietta Szold

Parent's names: Rabbi Benjamin and Sophie Szold.

Year of birth: December 21, 1860

Where born: Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Profession: home room teacher, social worker and writer.

What she famous for: founder of the "Hadassah" Women's Organization and, helped run "Youth Aliyah".


  1. What gave you the idea to found Youth Aliyah?
  2. Where did you get the money to help the children out?
  3. Who helped you?
  4. What were the original plans for these children?
  5. Why were the plans changed?
  6. What finally happened with the children?
  7. Who helped them out in Israel and how?
  8. What other projects were you involved with?
  9. What was the need to found Hadassa?
  10. Looking back, was it worth it all?


  1. In 1932 at Germany, 12 teenagers were fired because of being Jewish. These guys went to Rocha friar to gut help, and find any job. Following of this request and the overcome Anti-Semitism Rocha friar was recommend to Immigrate Jewish teenagers from Germany to Israel, and settle them there.
  2. i got the money from Trumot from the Europe Jewish.
  3. Haym Vitzman and Artor Rosin was speak to me for being the manager of this program' and they was help me.
  4. The original Plans was to settle the tanagers at agricultural settlement, where they will continue studding, and work on the holly land and make the salvation hear.
  5. The organization believe on three essences: work- was showing by agronomy work. Learning- this essence was important for Henrietta. She thought that the learning has to be with a general knowledge. Socially (company). This three essences help the organization to implement there plans.
  6. The children became integrated and settled at the kibbutzim in Israel. Accept from the settling the children learned in agricultural school.
  7. When the children got to Israel the moshavot welcomed them, and gave them a homely feeling.
  8. The other project that Henrietta was involved with was build: 1. "Hadassah"- in 1912 Henrietta was build this feminist organization for Americans women.
2. In 1920 Henrietta was immigrate to Israel. Henrietta was assemble the education and health in the "Zionists management".
3. Henrietta become a chairman of the "woman organization" oneself.

  1. When Sald became to Israel at the first time, with here mother, They Shocked from the lower terms and from the poverty. This visit make sold to boiled "hadassa", in 1912. This organization was designed to help the "Zionist organization" in Israel.
  2. I thought this was all worth it. This operation has a lot of good results. First Henrietta saved some 22,000 of teenagers and children from Nazi Europe. Second it's "Hadassah"- today it's a big medical school, in Jerusalem, for north. And a tow hospitals:
1. "Hadassah Har Haztofim"'
2. "Hadassah Ein Carem."


Fellow Jewish youths,
In the capacity of the "Youth Aliyah agency", I'm here today to group young Jewish youths (age 15) for immigration to Israel and to settlement there.
The teenagers who can come with us have to be 15 years old, with good physical fitness, and with acquiescence from his parents.
We want to arrange massive immigration from Germany to Israel, we want to help the new immigrants, and to settlement Israel, and build kibbutzim.
Is that enough? No.
We want to be concerned to our children and give them a normal framework every day. We want to offer them schools with fine education, housing jobs and a better future.
Now for the scary parents. We promise that we going to do the best that we can to save your children, and make them happy and satisfied in Israel. For this success we need your support and your children, and your confirmation to take these children, and make them pioneers
. We hope that you believe that we going to do the best, and want to say thank you for taking part on this program.
So, come with me to Israel, our homeland, our shelter, Come join me for a better future. It's time to come home.

Thank you.


The teacher chose to write about Women of Valor. We chose to write about Henrietta Szold because she contributed her self to the world, and made it a butter place for the Jewish. Henrietta became famous in favor of her help to the "Youth Aliyah".

When we heard the name Henrietta Szold and what she was, we know that we'll write about her.
Henrietta Szold helped to the development in Israel, and Israel is our home where we grow up, and it's important for as to know the history of how we got her… So we decided to research more about her and her life.
When we write the program abut Henrietta we learned from her very important thing for life, like to contribute you're self to thing that important to you.


  1. I learned about Henrietta Szold and I discovered that she was managed the "youth aliyah".
  2. We learned from working on the project that there were people how contributed there self for Israel, and it showed us how important is to save on our country.

It has it improved our:

£ searching skills
£ summarizing skills
ý writing skills
£ vocabulary level
ý English language skills

  1. What was difficult for you in the paper? What wasdifficult for us was summarizing in English.

  1. a. Did you have enough time for the paper? Yes
b. Did you get enough help and support from your teacher? Yes
c. Did you understand the instructions? Yes
d. Were the assignments clear and fair? Yes
5. Choose one of the following:
I enjoyed working on this project because we discovered a amazing personality, who saved a lot of teenagers from the holocaust.


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